Research Research at the PIIA is published either in monographs or in Pakistan Horizon, the quarterly journal of the Institute.

The first issue of Pakistan Horizon was published in March 1948. Since then, it has been published without a break.

The journal contains articles, speeches, surveys of Pakistan’s diplomatic relations, book reviews, chronologies of important events and documents.

As part of its public diplomacy programme, the Institute arranges roundtable sessions, lectures and seminars on a regular basis. These sessions have been addressed by world leaders, scholars and academics including: Presidents Ayub Khan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Pervez Musharraf; Prime Ministers Liaquat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto: Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, President Habib Bouraqiba, Prince Karim Aga Khan, Madame Sun Yat Sen, Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, Henry Kissinger, Rauf Denktash, Justice Philip C. Jessup, Lord Clement Attlee, President Sjahrir, Prime Minister SWRD Bandranaike, Professor Arnold Toynbee, Professor Andre Siegfried, Professor Y. V. Gangovsky, Michael Krepon, Walter Russell Mead, Professor Kishore Mahbubani.

Pakistan Horizon is the flagship quarterly journal of the Institute. It is the oldest journal on International Relations in South Asia. Pakistan Horizon aims to combine rigorous analysis with a helpful approach to international issues. It features articles related to Pakistan’s foreign policy, regional and global issues, women’s concerns in international relations, IR theory, terrorism and security studies and emerging environmental concerns.

The following are some thematic issues which Pakistan Horizon researches:

1. India-Pakistan War 1965
2. India-Pakistan Arms Race
3. Iran
4. Middle East War 1967
5. East Pakistan Crisis
6. India-Pakistan War 1971
7. Simla Accord
8. The Great Powers and Asia
9. International Economic Issues and Pakistan
10. The Middle East and American Wars
11. Geneva Accords
12. Focus on Asia
13. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
14. The Inter-Relation of Muslim States and Pakistan
15 Kashmir
16. Earthquake 2005
17. Global Security
18. Security Concerns in South and West Asia.
19. Women’s Concerns in International Relations
20. The Arab Uprising

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