Delegation from Sichuan University China visits PIIA

China strongly supports the position of Pakistan in Kashmir. 

A delegation of scholars from Sichuan University led by Prof. Yan Shijing, Vice President of Sichuan University addressed in a roundtable session held in the library of The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) on 18 December 2019. The other Chinese delegates included Prof. Sun Shihai, Director General, China Center for South Asian Studies, Sichuan University; Prof. Du Youkang, Director, Pakistan Study Center, University of Fudan ; Prof. Zhang Li, Member, Academic Committee, China Center for South Asian Studies, Sichuan University; Prof. Yang Guang, Deputy Director, International Office, Sichuan University; Prof. Song Zhihui, Director, Pakistan Study Center, Sichuan University; Prof. Huang Yunsong, Associate Dean, School of International Studies, Sichuan University and Dr. Xiao Jianmei, Research Associate, China Center for South Asian Studies, Sichuan University. Prof. Yan Shijing said that Sichuan University is one of the oldest University of China established in 1896. More than 65,000 students including 4,000 international students, 100 Pakistani students are studying in the University.

It is national university ranks sixth best out of all the universities in China, a total of 3,000 Chinese universities. The University focuses on International Affairs. In response to the question of gender equality in Chinese Universities, the delegate responds that 51 percent male and 49 percent female students ratio is in the Universities of China. The delegate said India is playing a dominant role in the sub-continent region. UN has recognized India’s supremacy in this region. Pakistan-China relationship is conducive with regional peace and stability and it is not beneficial for only these two countries but for the whole region. We strongly support the stability, peace and prosperity of Pakistan and we do everything we can to support Pakistan economically, politically and military. We do not want to see this region to be on the command of New Delhi. On a question of Pakistan labour force in the projects of CPEC, the Chinese delegate said the labour forces in this region are not fully prepared for industrialization.

China produces 2 million engineers every year for economic development and they easily get mingled with their work. In South Asia, their basic training and education more focus on social sciences. A large number of young people are not getting adequate and sufficient education that is the reason the employment in relation to CPEC is not as quick as we expect.

On the question of negative propaganda about CPEC in the media, the delegate said that media is mainly controlled by the West. Chinese research is in the Chinese language. It is something our government is trying to change but it will take time.

We have tried to negate the diplomacy against CPEC fabricated by some Western countries and also included some Indian organization behind this story of an article against the CPEC. ‘CPEC is not a trap’, our story was successfully published in ‘Korean Times’ some two years back. But after the publication of this article, the editor had pressure not to contribute more articles from us because of certain influence from outside.

One of the Chinese delegates said, in 1978, China made economic reforms to open the rooms for the outside world, an important step for the economic and social development of China. Prof. Yan Shijing said Pakistan should learn from China and should create a more favourable environment for foreign investments.

On a question of tragedies in Kashmir, the delegate said the removal of article 370, was a unilateral action taken by New Delhi that has added to the complexity of the future of Kashmir issue. China does not agree with such types of acts, this is the reason China strongly supports the position of Pakistan.

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