Fazil Jamili: A Confession of Crime

On 8 March 2013, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh unanimously passed a Bill against domestic violence which subsequently became an Act. On 30 March 2013, Aurat Foundation held a meeting of all stakeholders and those who had contributed towards the passage of this Bill. Poet Fazil Jamili dedicated this poem on this occasion to the women of Pakistan.    

Time is the best court of justice

and in this court

I confess my crime today

we have walked together

in the long journey of life

you held me dearer than life

and I kept killing you

from Adam down to this day

all the blood that I have spilt

has flowed out from your body

I buried you alive

when you were born

suffocated you by building walls around you   

and hanged you from the gallows

we built a house together

in which you live like a domestic slave

and I live like the master of the house

I used to sing your praises

just to satisfy my lust

but now I can recall

how much I lied to you

my past is a history of deception

and my present is repentance

before this remorse

drives me some day to suicide

rebel my partner

and take control of your own life

Translated from Urdu by Dr. Masuma Hasan (President of the Board of Governors, Aurat Foundation and Chairman of The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs). 


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5 responses to “Fazil Jamili: A Confession of Crime

  1. Very well written ! Lovely words and very nice concept ! You are an artist…Loved it ! xx

  2. sooooooo nice……. an eye opener for male dominant world.

  3. A very moving poem and how true. Most men should join in your confession. And I do that with pleasure.

  4. Bahar Bangash

    Thise is the master piece of of text that i have ever seen or go through. hopfully it will change my personal life .
    a vein shcoking reality u have expressed. we dont accept it in front of public but actually the reality is that , that we consider women as a toy of pleasure and entertainment.
    we love things which are to be used and used women whome should be love.

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