Women’s Learning Partnership Film: Because Our Cause Is Just

The wave of Arab revolts that started in Tunisia in December 2010 and then spread throughout the region, were initially ignited by civil movements for rights, justice, and dignity.  Women human rights defenders and democracy activists were at the heart of peaceful movements for change in the streets of Arab countries. In fact, their presence, determination, and demands were grounded in their struggles against dictators over the past few decades. Watch film here or view via the embedded link below. 

However, the political openings caused by these revolts were quickly exploited by fundamentalist religious groups who immediately sought to undermine human rights defenders.  Across the region, women human rights defenders are being targeted for violent attacks, intimidated, threatened, excluded, and undermined.  In addition to physical threats, conservative powers are also attempting to create social rifts between human rights defenders and their communities through stigmatizing women human rights defenders as not legitimately representing national values.

The fate of democracy in the region rests on its nations achieving equal rights, security, and the political participation of all their citizens. Without women’s rights, democracy will not be realized. The targeted gender-based violence being witnessed on the ground and in media around the world is a clear demonstration that women’s actual security is at stake as countries in the region struggle to form new political systems and institutions.

Because Our Cause Is Just is dedicated to the activists who persevere in the struggle for freedom and human rights for all. Writer, Director and Producer: Deb Bergeron. 

email: pakistanhorizon@hotmail.co.uk

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