Our journal’s last two issues

The Pakistan Horizon is the flagship Journal of The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs which we have published continuously since 1948. The July and October 2011 issues have been dedicated to the Arab Awakening and Pakistan’s relationship with China over the past six decades. The contents of the two latest issues of our journal are set out below. Please contact us on piia@cyber.net.pk should you want more details. 

THE ARAB UPRISING, Volume 64, Number 3, July 2011

  • Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Survey, Staff Study     1
  • The Arab Awakening, Ana Marija Bešker   7
  • The Arab Spring:  How Will It Blossom? Karamatullah K. Ghori    13
  • US Democracy Promotion and Popular Revolutions in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities, Muhammad Ijaz Latif and Hussain Abbas    25
  • Unrest and Revolt in the Arab World: Impact on Regional Security, Nazir Hussain    43
  • The Arab Spring; Causes, Effects and Implications for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi and Anum Ikram   59
  • The Libyan Crisis and the UNSC Resolution 1973: Authority, Legitimacy and Prospects, Noor-ul-Ain Khwaja   73
  • Pakistan and the World Chronology    93

60 YEARS OF PAKISTAN-CHINA RELATIONS, Volume 64, Number 4, October 2011

  • Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Survey, Staff Study     1
  • Pakistan-China Relations: An Overview, Riaz Mohammad Khan  11
  • Af-Pak and Regional Peace in China’s Perspective: A Critical Appraisal, Zafar Nawaz Jaspal   29
  • China and SAARC: Envisaging a Partnership for Development, Fazal-ur-Rahman    51
  • Xinjiang, Tibet and the Pakistan-China Strategic Partnership, Samra Sarfraz Khan    67

Past Perspectives of China, Pakistan Horizon Revisited (Vol 64, Number 4 Continued)

  • China Today, Ahmed Ali   77
  • Women of New China, Madame Li The-Chuan  87
  • China Today, Hussain Imam   93
  • Education in China, A.B.A. Haleem    99
  • Pakistan and the World, Chronology    111
  • Documents 129
  • Chronicle

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